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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Yes, I auditioned for American Idol………
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Paula Goodspeed

Audition city:

Austin Tx.

And yes, I like wearing pink and I had pink rubber bands on my braces; so here is the story my adventure!

In mid-August of 2005 the American Idol auditions were being held in Austins, Tx

I was going to Audition in San Fransico, it was close to LA , where I live…but it was too last minute and I didn’t feel like driving all-the-way there… friend Brianna was going to audition with me too, but she couldn’t figure out if she was going to go or if she could {shes 16} and there was only 3 days before the audition date.  So I thought, the hell with it and decided it was just going to be my mom and I, I didn’t want to drive all the way to San Fransico so I called different airlines asking about their rates, but it was ridiculously expensive, and I wasn’t about to pay &600.00 a person, when I could fly for half of that price If I waited a week and flew to Austin, Tx the 2nd city in the Idol tour…sooo thats what my mom and I did..

When we arrived in Austin, it was around 10pm, we had to go straight over to the arena where the audition process was going to be held, so we could get our wrist bands and arrival info etc..After that, we took a cab to the Radisson Hotel to get some sleep.

We woke up at 4am to get ready…*thats right, I said 4 in-the-morning..i HATE mornings…but what can ya do, ya know?

We arrived back at the arena at 5am and had to stand in line for almost 3 hours along with thousands of other people!

Luckily we were standing more towards the front of the line. A couple of hours after we got in line, the camera crew came out and had all of us say some stupid things to the camera like “Simon, don’t mess with Texas!” and “Welcome to Texas, Ye-haw!!” ugh!! I didn’t really say the stuff, because there was so many people, that nobody would hear me anyway…Plus, obviously I’m not from Tx. {I was the only one that flew to TX to audition..everyone else either drove from the states next to Tx or were from TX.} I didn’t really have the Tx spirit anyway..Not being a morning person and all…. NOT being a morning person and all..

And it was just really cheesy stuff they were making people say… No offence to anyone from Texas.

Anyway, Finally at almost 9am they let us in and from there we all had to check in and get our seating tickets and maybe get something to drink….so after my mom and I went to find our seats ~section 26~ I was thinking ” cool, I won’t have to wait too long to audition…..Well, when everyone took their seats and the executive producers started talking to us about what was going to take place that day.,they told us that they were going to start with section 48!!! I was like “oh no!” I felt like I was auditioning in vegas all over again! what a waste of time!!

The year before, I had flown to Las Vegas to audition and I was in section 28, and my section was almost the last section to be seen so just about the time we got on the floor, the producers were cutting off braclets. *thats what the producers do when a person doesn’t make it to round 2 or if they ~Idol~ have reached their quota* Sooo, when the producers announced that they were going to go from the highest numbered section , down..I thought “yup, just like last year, why did I even bother to come here?” My mom was like “don’t worry about it, just think positive”

So around 2:45pm it was my sections turn to go down to the tables where each section before us had sung for 3 producers at each table…but this season would be a little different, because everyone had to get in the line formed to get their picture taken and then get in whatever line in front of the tables that the producers directed them to go.  *There are table booths where 3 producers for the show sit and judge., the tables are marked with numbers*  I was directed to booth #12, the closest table to where I had my picture taken Soo I didn’t have to walk very far, luckily, I wear heels all-the-time and this occasion was no exception!  *I am around Paula Abdul’s height*  

When it was my turn to sing, I belted out “Holding out for a hero” by Bonnie Tyler . 

“golden tickets” were hard to come by, but after I sang, I got thru to the next round and was told to where the same outfit.

Sooo, according to the Austin newspaper..5,300 people auditioned and out of that amount only about 250-300 people made it thru to round 2.

A couple of days later we auditioned for round 2 at the arena again, but with alot LESS people.  This time around we had to sing at least 3 songs, 1 fast song, one slow and one that the producers picked.  When everyone arrived, we were given a lyric sheet of the song that we were  required  to sing for our next audition.   The producers chose “Rockin Robin” an oldies song.  The song was played on the arena stereo on repeat..before I went in to audition.. the song must have played , like hundred times or something!     I was next to the last group to audition….This time we had to sing for Nigel Lithgoe and ken Warwick, the shows ~executive producers~

Yes! It is  such a  *grueling process* to participate in, VERY stressful and nerve racking!

Soon , it was my turn to go in the audition room…keep in mind that not alot of people were getting thru soo it was even more nerve racking!     The 1st song I sung was “Holding out for a hero”  Ken Warwick immediately liked me and my fashion sence…so he said Yes! Yes! your thru! before I even sang my 2nd song!!….Nigel Lithgoe already knew me from my audition for the TV show  “So you think you can dance”  I auditioned for,  4 months earlier.  Both judges were really cool to me and really getting into my performence! The 2nd song I sang was “Money changes everything” by Cyndi Lauper and then I sang “Rockin Robin”   ,  Needless to say I made it to round 3:: There were only  

about 85-100  people that made it thru to :::   Paula, Randy, and Simon…that audition would take place a month later in September….over two days!!!

A day or two after I flew back to Los Angeles, Hurricane  Katrina hit that part of the country and then another one “Rita” hit almost  a month later…..sooo needless to say, American Idol called me while I was in Orlando Fl. vistiting my friend and told me that the 3rd round *Paula, Randy and Simon* audition was NOT going to be held in Tx. because of all the distruction that  the two Hurricanes caused, so they said that the 3rd round would be held in Las Vegas….but then a couple of days later , Idol called back to let me know that the audition would be held in … guessed it!!              San Fransico!!  And because of all the hurricane mess…Idol paid for the contestants  to fly to Frisco…due to weather conditions that made it ~impossible~ to finish the Austin auditions in TX.  Hotel costs were paid by Idol also. 

What are the odds?? I was going to audition in  Frisco, but didn’t and the next thing I know, I am continuing my Austin auditions in San Fransico!!   Weird!!!!!

Anyway, during the month I had before my audition for Paula, Randy, and Simon I went to my vocal teacher to work on “Holding out for a hero” more , after a few lessons she decided she liked “proud Mary” for me better…sooo we worked on that song…I had *always* been uncomfortable singing that song because it’s a Tina Turner song, anyway we worked on it and got it tight.   Soon it was time for me to fly to San Fransico to continue my Austin auditions.  My group was next to the last to audition..again..while we {contestants} were waiting in the holding room, Ken Warwick {executive producer} came in to give the contestants and family members a rundown of what the audition day would consist of.  Soon after Ryan seacrest came in and spoke to all of us and answered any questions that anyone had, thats where I took that picture of him that is featured in my myspace pictures and on my website!!  Paula, Randy and Simon came in to greet us about 45 minutes to an hour later….while I was eating!!!    Paula comes over to us and interviews {shes with Entertainment Tonight} the “teacher” the guy with olive skin/dark hair and pink t-shirt /jeans I was sitting right behind him, with my hair pulled back… I’m sure that was caught on camera!!!!   I didn’t feel like putting my hair down, unless I was having an interview or in my actual audition.

I also did an interview with Paula and the another woman…the interview was about my fashion sense… I get my ideas for outfits and where I got my fashion inspirations, No-offence to Paula Abdul….I *didn’t* get my style from her…actually style is a mix of 1980’s icons:    Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite and Cyndi Lauper.

That’s where Idol mistrewed some things! It’s TV and they will say whatever…I guess….

Anyway, back to the audition process….a little bit before I went into the audition room to face Paula, Randy and Simon..I was having second thoughts on the song I was going to audition with…I was in the ladies room with a bunch of other girls who were all going over their songs or just talking …I was talking with a girl who was my {hotel} roommate and my mom and I was trying to decide what the hell I was going to sing because I didn’t want to sing “Proud Mary” made me feel intimadated to sing the song and I just felt uncomfortable with the whole idea…~~I guess if a person is at that state of singing where they feel uneasy singing certain songs..they should just stay home~~..I probably should have! If I realized what a mess I was going to make of the song…..I was just going to stick with my song that got me thru the 1st two rounds…*Holding out for a hero*….. I ended up singing both songs and asking a couple of the girls in the bathroom which one should I sing…~~Never do that!! No-One wants to see anyone do well..Lets Admit it people!!~~~I was more comfortable singing “Holding out for a hero” But because I did soo well singing “Proud Mary” in my lessons, a class room structsure..comfort other words…once I was taken from my comfort zone..things were NOT good enough…I took the chance with “Proud Mary” because I didn’t want to let my teacher down., …thats right*..I only worked on that song for a short time…and with the nerves and stress, well, thats what everyone got…I sincerly appologise…

Anyway, People..if you saw my clip,  you know what happens next.


We’re back to present day,  five {5} months later.  Feb.25th 2006 and I have changed vocally,  Ballparks since then.  I had to learn how to sing the *correct way and I worked on my vocal tone.   I still want to sing professional one day and one day I do ~hope~ I can get a second chance to redeem myself and my talent….I’ve always had singing talent but picking the wrong song and nerves DON’T mix and I learned my lesson! Apart from that , I wasn’t ready to put myself out there.

It’s very hard reading such awful things being written about yourself…..or hearing things being said….. not like alot of people would understand what it’s like having so many haters , just because I made the mistake of trying out for a singing competition before I was ~even~ ready vocally, emotionally and physically.

I have to believe there is ~something good about me…..

Simon made that comment about my braces 5 months ago in Sept. 05 and now …since the show aired this month  {Feb. 06}, theres been soo many people bashing me for having braces, as if    “I am the only person on national television that wears braces”!!!!!!

I think some  people just need to grow up…or save that kind of stuff for the playground!

Soo, thats my story!!  Better luck next time, I guess……

~Thanks to all the people that have gone to my offical website,  have signed my guestbook….and that made the effort to locate me thru to tell me that they liked what they saw and are supporting me….it doesn’t stop here…soon I will prove myself worthy as a singer and take the world by storm, with my fashion, dance…etc!!

~Paula Goodspeed~                                                   forever


This link is for the ‘lil’ me I made..the  Doll is similar to what I looked liked at the auditions…except for the bandana on my head….

And I had a long skirt, instead of pants, …hope everyone enjoys it!!



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  2. I greatly regret that I was never blessed to know Paula. I can’t begin to imagine the loss your going through and pray I never do. She seemed like a pure hearted beutifull gal and feel certain that the choir of angles has never sounded with such passion. My prayers,thoughts,and wishes go out to you all

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