Picture of Lois Feldman, 38 Lady who had sex in Bathroom while her husband was at his seat and Ross Walsh Myspace page.


Update: Hawk fan says bathroom sex scandal “ruined my life”

A Carroll woman who was caught having sex in the men’s room at an Iowa Hawkeye football game in Minneapolis last weekend says she’d had so much wine before kickoff that she doesn’t remember walking into the restroom, the man she had sex with in a stall, or when the police opened the door.

What Lois Feldman, 38, will remember is the humiliation afterward.

“It’s ruined my life,” she said through tears today. “Not just the incident but the press.”

Feldman, a married mother of three, has been the target of Internet jokes and prank telephone calls today. She was fired this morning from an assisted living center, where she had been an administrator.

Feldman said her husband, Kelly, has been supportive. She said he faults himself for not going with her when she left her seat to use the restroom before halftime.

“I don’t know what happened,” Lois Feldman said. “But I don’t deny that it did happen because obviously there are police reports.”

Police ticketed Feldman, 38, and Ross Walsh, 26, of Linden for indecent conduct Saturday night.

A security guard who said he saw the two having sex through a gap in a men’s restroom stall flagged down campus police, according to the police report.

By the time an officer arrived, about a dozen people were cheering and laughing in the bathroom while Feldman and Walsh were inside the stall, the report said.

The officer pushed his way through the crowd, opened the door and separated Feldman and Walsh, the report said.

Police described both Feldman and Walsh as upset, drunk and uncooperative.

Chuck Miner, deputy chief of the University of Minnesota police department, said officers tracked down Feldman’s husband.

“I’m not sure how they made contact with her husband, but they needed her husband to help identify her” because she’d given the wrong middle name.

Miner said police didn’t measure the blood-alcohol level of Feldman or Walsh. Asked to respond to Feldman’s claim that she was too drunk to recall the incident, Miner said: “That’s probably an accurate statement.”

Feldman said she’d never met Walsh.

“I don’t know who this man is,” she said today. “I just found out his name in the paper last night.”

Walsh wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Carroll, Feldman’s hometown, is about 60 miles northwest of Linden, where Walsh lives.

Feldman, who describes herself as a light drinker, drank wine at the home of family friends before the football game.

She said she doesn’t remember how much she drank, but the party’s hosts refilled her glass each time it was low “so I’m sure I drank a lot.”

Feldman said her husband later told her he’d tried to talk her out of the game because she was intoxicated.

“He said I didn’t realize it was that bad,” she said.

Feldman said her husband accompanied her to the game, but their friends stayed home.

She said she remembers sitting in the stands one moment and the next “being slammed around by a cop and screaming.”

“Apparently I was panicked and very uncooperative,” she said.

Feldman said she “ran away” from her husband the Metrodome after the incident.

She said a woman she didn’t know offered her a ride home about 11 p.m.

Feldman said she gave her husband’s cell phone number to the woman, who called Kelly Feldman for directions to the couple’s hotel.

Lois Feldman said her attorney has encouraged her to fight the ticket.

“He feels I was taken advantage of in my state of mind,” she said. “This is not me. We’re a very good family. This shouldn’t happen.”

Miner, the campus police officer, said fighting the indecent conduct charge could be a long shot.

“It’s spelled out in the law in Minnesota that intoxication is not a defense to any crime,” he said.



Finally a Picture! – Lois Feldman, 38 Arrested for Sex in Metrodome Bathroom as onlookers cheered! – Released to Her Husband! Fired From Her Job!

Feldman001 Lois K Feldman of Carroll, IA was drunk. Ross Walsh of Linden, IA was drunk. The two Iowans were in Minneapolis at the Metrodome watching the Iowa Hawkeyes vs Minnesota Golden Gophers football game. The two had never met. But this story took place in the Men’s Room handicapped stall, as the two hooked up, and were caught having sex as a cheering bathroom audience looked on.  Both were arrested. Walsh was released to his girlfriend, and Feldman to her husband. One would have to believe that it was a l-o-n-g ride home. BTW The Hawkeyes won 55-0.

The Local paper – The Daily Times link has some comments from Feldman – that she doesn’t remember a thing…and her life is ruined.

This is the type of publicity Carroll, IA doesn’t need!

The pic came from this link:


Daily Times Herald of Carroll

Feldman fired from her job

Sports By Brooks

Smoking Gun Arrest Report


32 Responses to “Picture of Lois Feldman, 38 Lady who had sex in Bathroom while her husband was at his seat and Ross Walsh Myspace page.”

  1. I would tap that whore too. Fuck Yeah!

  2. Why is lois being crusified What about the Guy???

    My heart goes out to anyone from small town Iowa that is going through this

  3. My heart goes out to Lois. why is the guy so fricking inocent??

  4. […] some comments from Feldman – that she doesn’t remember a thing…and her life is ruined. Source: FLY2LV (They also have the photo of this […]

  5. she being crucified because she has 3 kids and a husband. the guy is single

  6. Guess she got her Christmas Bonus early this year!

  7. […] Picture of Lois Feldman, 38 Lady who had sex in Bathroom while her … November 28th, 2008 […]

  8. Linda, she has a family she should be more responsible than that. And what the hell does being from a small town have to do with it. Are you from a small town and would you put out for random guys in the bathroom.


    All she has done is blame the booze, saying she can’t remember. Her husband has supposedly so far been “supportive” of her and blames himself! She needs to take responsibility for her actions, and her husband needs to kick her to the curb.

  10. For better and/or worse, ladies, she is being held responsible because she’s an adult woman, and like it or not, in (virtually) all societies women have the power to determine whether or not they engage in socially-approved sex. (I.e., excluding rape, forced marriage, child marriage [same thing], etc.) She was drunk, he was drunk, and it was consensual. The she regrets it later is her tough luck. What were the moments leading up to the act? They must have flirted, somehow. They must have kissed. If she’d never been caught, the world would never know. Had she ever done something like this before? We know she’d never been caught, and will deny it. But caught the first time, what a coincidence!
    But, btw, so what if they boinked while drunk? Stupid (and gross) of them to do it in a public bathroom. But stop making such a scandal of it. Boinking happens all the time. We’re not in Saudi Arabia or Somalia (thank god), we don’t need this ‘stoning by publicity’ that she’s undergoing. I feel sorry for her, and especially for her husband (and in the future her kids).

  11. The Funny Pics from the incident here again – http://sunnysiteup.blogspot.com/2008/11/photos-lois-k-feldman-sex-in-toilet-at.html

    Quite liked your blog. Looks well updated. Nice. Have bookmarked.

  12. Your second story appears to be taken from NoName247 before it was updated. It looks like it has since been updated since this post.


  13. Very cute MILF. I give her my 7″ inches for sure! I’d love to see some actiion shots of the incident. Gotta believe that someone took pics with their phones of the event!

  14. the picture and article from KCCI in 2001 is not his current girlfriend

  15. TOP 10 defenses when caught in the bathroom stall boffing a stranger

    10. i was in line to get a discount on season tickets
    9. i heard someone scream my name took off my clothes and proceeded to investigate
    8. im a toilet inspector and i heard there was a problem
    7. someone said there was a leak and i’m a plumbers daughter
    6. i was auditioning for dancing with the stars naked
    5. the sound of running water makes me tingle
    4. i smelled something funny and followed my intuition
    3. i was in line to get snacks
    2. i was taking a shortcut back to my seat
    1. i have a wide stance

  16. How do you know Julie Adams isn’t Ross’ current girlfriend? Who is he seeing????

  17. What a Slut. . . . I would kick my wife out of the house and ask for a divorce. She knew what she was doing, don’t blame the booze honey. Take responsability, and pray your daughter doesn’t become a Stripper.

  18. god damn whore. she should be crucified, cause she has a husband and three kids! Once you say your marriage vows you don’t go off boinking someone else. What hell has this world come to that people actually defend that such an act. If she had any kind of decency she would have divorced her husband first before she started boinking complete strangers. She should be crucified as much as possible. god damn whore!

  19. She has this husband blinded somehow? This isn’t the first time. This is the first time she got caught!!! To bad for the kids. “Hey Billy heard what a slut your mom was last weekend….haha”

  20. Schoolboy Says:

    Lets review the facts for a moment. She had sex in a bathroom with a “stranger” adn being cheered on by others and then were finally caught kissing passionately and his hands all over breasts. It is aovious that she knew this guy because women are more aware of their surroundings then men are and she could have stopped the incident when intercourse commenced. It did not. She was taking it the rear and from what I hear women have said it hurts at times but no screaming from our lady here. Secondly she did not scream at all or even mentioned “rape” at all. You cannot rape the willing. Thirdly, when she stated, “I did know what was happening” was bulls**t. When she was being “felt up” and when the police finally reached them and the police noted that she was fighting of the alledged assailant, it is clear that this “accident” was planned. It seems that home life was not exciting enough and she wanted more out of it. She was getting older and wanted to feel again, so what the hell. Plan to shagged at the local football game. When people use church as excuse to validate themselves as “good people” just hurts the church and the community. She is the object of everyones conversations because of being married, a mother and a wife she should be help accountable. For the guy, he was wrong in engaging in sex with a married woman but he is single and she was not. Her husband blaming himself for this is crap. Tasking blame for her actions is just bulls**t. He knows that the marriage has problems and wnats to validate that he could have soemthing to prevent her from this and he is just pu**y whipped and goes with the flow. I you made a mistake, own up to it and move. She is not owning up to this and is taking the matter beyond where it needs to be shows that she is guilty and that is trying her best to ensure that these charges and incident are completely wipped clean so that she comes out smelling like a bed of roses. Seesm she will pay or do anything to keep her “private life” a secret from her family and the media.

  21. She knew what she was doing BS.. I think i would remember something that big like having sex with somebody other than my wife if i was drunker than drunk.. thats just a good excuse to feel sorry for her and make her look like shes not a drunk slut.. whatever maybe she just went with it, and then realize she was screwed! or getting screwed… but that didn’t stop her from yelling help yet alone bouncing on his thing until the cops showed up!! Makes me wonder how often she gets drunk, decides to just leave her husband for a night out, how many times she’s been so drunk that she doesn’t remember if her kids are actually her hubby’s.. wow anyways for the guy in this situation…. If it was any of us men getting mugged by some hot chick wouldn’t you it it too? i don’t feel sorry for him actually i feel the opposite.. he obviously isn’t the married one having sex with random people… just a guy who took a chance and went with it.. must of been his lucky day! Cheers to You Ross! no matter if you’re a whore, slut, wife ehffer, i think you did what any single party drunk guy would have done…but seriously think about it twice next time and pick a better place… sorry if i offended anyone this is just my 2 cents.

  22. concerned Says:

    their marriage has been in trouble for a long time, she has asked for a divorce and he would not give her one, they as a couple should of both ended this a long time ago before something like this happened, she was so drunk because they don’t love each other and are miserable together, and now are paying for it dearly. doesn’t excuse her for letting this happen. sometimes it isn’t always the best to stay married just for the kids. I pray for the kids, and hope in the future they just let go and be responsible parents, get a divorce if your this unhappy.

  23. Facinated Says:

    This is one story that I would like to know more details about. I’ve read in other blogs that people in the community are not surprised it is her. That this is her 2nd husband. That she slept with a best man the night before one of her weddings. And now that she has asked out of this marriage before. I really wish a reporter out there would do some hard investigative reporting on this woman to verify her claims. I wouldn’t care if she would have kept her mouth quiet but the wholeblack out claim and now thinking that she was somehow was drugged is insane.

  24. I do know she has called a friend crying because they were at a party and he stripped naked jumped in a jaquzzi with other women and wanted his wife to join in. He has wanted her to swing and she didn’t want to. My source is solid. Bottom line is they shouldn’t be married to each other, who’s really to blame I don’t know, what I do know is the kids are paying for it the most. I think they never have had any respect for each other and she is embarrassed to get the second divorce. The poor kids, they are such good little boys.

  25. I do know also that her first husband beat her all the time and she wouldn’t leave because she was embarrassed to get devorced. Her mother is very religious, but it took her mother to walk in and see it for herself to say you must leave. I don’t pretend to know Lois so well to say she has never been loyal to her husband and not cheated on him, but I do know she has been married to a couple of assholes. And I do know what happened in the John at the game is not her, she’s not a slut of a women.
    They need to get divorced and she needs to get some serious counciling and help, along with her kids.

  26. concerned, I appreciate your feedback but I am still way to sketical. woman confess things to me like i’m a priest or something because I must be safe. And I have been told things that their best girlfriends, husbands and family have no clue about. And all the evidence I see is that she has a side to her that ticks her significant others off. First guy dealt with it in a very poor way…But did she really sleep with the bestman before the wedding night? 2nd hubby seems to have an attitude, if you can’t beat her, join her but she just doesn’t like to cheat in that way. If she has been miserable with both husbands, maybe she needs to look at herself more as the source of misery than the guy.

  27. I have no idea if she slept with her husbands best man. what’s all the evidence you have that would draw you to that conclusion? that she tics off her men?
    You must be reading a lot of stuff I haven’t, or are you from carroll, because I am. are you from carroll iowa?

  28. The city of Tampa is waiting for Lois as the main feature to the Outback Bowl Jan.1st 2009. Will she come in by parachute? Understand a porta potty will be installed on the 50 yard line and ticket prices have gone sky high.

  29. I saw a german shepard pounding her ass, while she was sucking a donkey’s cock.

  30. my my my Christiaity is pretty scary. Look at all that non-judgement and forgiveness out there.

  31. Vacuum Breaker…

    Picture of Lois Feldman, 38 Lady who had sex in Bathroom while her husband was at his seat and Ross Walsh Myspace page. « fly2lv’s Blog…

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