Finally Found TINA SHERMAN PICS! Apple Iphone Scandal

Tina Sherman Apple iPhone Scandal: Pictures Go Online After iPhone Taken at Restaurant

McDonalds to be sued for leaking of Tina Sherman photographs allegedly downloaded off man’s lost Apple iPhone.

Phillip and Tina Sherman to sue McDonald’s for $3million after raunchy photos leaked onto the Internet, the alleged pictures where from Mr Sermans Apple iPhone device. The pictures were allegedly taken off the iPhone and uploaded online without permission.

When Phillip Sherman accidentally left his iPhone behind at a local McDonald’s franchise in Fayetteville, Arkansas he got more than just a bag of burgers and fries.

A manager at the McDonald’s restaurant called Sherman’s mother from the cell phone and said the restaurant would hold the phone until he could come to pick it up.

When the man eventually picked up his iPhone he discovered that photos of his wife Tina Sherman had been illegally distributed on the Internet without his consent.

The couple is suing McDonalds, Mathews Management Co. – the Fayetteville franchise’s owners’ – and Aaron Brummley – the restaurant’s manager – for $3 million for suffering, embarrassment and the cost of moving.

One Response to “Finally Found TINA SHERMAN PICS! Apple Iphone Scandal”

  1. How Do We know this is truly a picture of Tina Sherman? Please provide verification!

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