Updates, More Pictures on SEX STALL Incident Lois Feldman and Ross Walsh

Iowa Fan Ross Walsh Is Military And Stall Sex Hero, Lois Feldman Wishes She Never Met Idiot



Feldman (upper right) and her lover of a few minutes with a girlfriend.

What a great Thanksgiving it must have been for Lois Feldman.

The family gets together and wonders what Lois and her husband have been up to. The kids are there Turkey is served, mashed potatoes are passed and every single person in the room knows that just a week ago Lois was ticketed with shacking up – in a Metrodome handicapped stall – with a military hero and guy who roots for Iowa.

Well, we’re not really sure Ross Walsh (stall-sex hero pics after the jump) is that much of a war hero but he’s definitely the man to the male community after somehow bedding down a 38-year-old mom in front of a capacity restroom crowd of cheering men.



Ross Walsh showing his domination over the female community.

It was literally a reality show for Feldman and now she’s saying the who incident has “ruined her life.”

“I don’t know what happened,” Feldman told the Register. “But I don’t deny that it did happen, because, obviously, there are police reports.”

“I don’t know who this man is,” she told the Register. “I just found out his name in the paper.”

Most of us have been there, Lois. It was called college.

For you this is worse because there are jobs and that little thing called a husband involved.

Yeah, losing the job probably didn’t help matters in this down economy. Yeah, your husband will never let you leave your seat to go get beers. Yeah, your kids are going to do Google searches one day and find out that Walsh is only 26 and has a MySpace page.

Yeah, future employers are going to look at you funny.

And it should be interesting when your husband goes for sloppy seconds.

Sorry, Lois.

You are the story of 2008.

Pictures of The Man – Ross M. Walsh! (efforting on more Feldman)

l_4b3f954db049e4d1430de85f962cd8ae.jpg l_ffd2540222697a7081b5678fb7ec830a.jpg l_de6eb98b32219674493d8dadf9a1eaa3.jpg l_16b724656dac5075ef7b86227c1f00b2.jpg

7 Responses to “Updates, More Pictures on SEX STALL Incident Lois Feldman and Ross Walsh”

  1. Pat Cahill Says:

    I find it a little funny that Lois is about telling that she is a good mom who goes to church every Sunday. Well what the heck is she doing sloppy drunk at the football game? This is the typical inconsistency of carnal christians. She should actual read what the scriptures teach about the pitfalls of drunkeness.

  2. how can you judge someone for being drunk at a football game, that becomes part of it, how many football games have you been to without tailgating and if not why not. For having done what she did wrong but to have a good time at a football game, get over yourself. Yes she she must be a Christian for having got drunk, come on people think before you type.

  3. “I go to church every Sunday. Although, sometimes I’ll get shitfaced and suck cock in a bathroom stall in front of a mob of cheering drunkards, BUT otherwise I’m a good Christian.”

  4. sdhawkeye Says:

    word is that there are tapes from the cheerleaders in the bathroom…if any one has any leads post it hear….i heard video cameras were taping the event…this will go down in metro dome hawkeye football folklore and beats the story of hawk fans trying to take out the goal posts thru revolving doors.

  5. really ppl Says:

    ok first off, Why is Lois getting all of the crap for this? Once again the woman is being called the skank and the man isn’t getting called anything that is nearly as hurtful or as demeaning. why is there a double standard here? Wasn’t there two ppl in the stall, doing the deed, and in a relationship?

    Lois said that she is a Christian and attends church regularly. You ppl seem to believe that she needs to act like a saint and can’t go and have a good time. There are plenty of ppl that attend church and still drink heavily on certain occasions, such as a game. Yes, her actions were out of control. But how many ppl have drank heavily and done something that they regret. Granted, I’m sure they didn’t make national news but also you did something that you regretted. Would you want ppl blogging about you?

    Just think if this happened in your family. Would you want ppl blogging about it and calling your relative names. She has kids that are under the age of 16. When you were this age, would you want to go on the internet and read all of this shit? have some respect even if you dont for her, atleast show some for her family especially her kids.

    Just a reminder: I’m not condoning anything that these two individuals did.

  6. Two tickets to Iowa/Minnesota football game: $100
    Gas for road trip: $50
    Hotel for two: $75
    Franzia box of wine: $15
    Finding out wife had sex in a bathroom stall wth a total stranger while 15 people watched: Priceless

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