UPDATE : Lois Feldman Metrodome sex incident says she was victim with new picture

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Lois Feldman Carroll Iowa woman







Woman in Metrodome sex incident says she was victim

Staff Writer

Friday, November 28, 2008

MINNEAPOLIS – While police say a high-profile indecent conduct case in the Minneapolis Metrodome Saturday is closed, a Carroll woman involved in it told the Daily Times Herald she believes she was a victim of foul play rather than a willing collaborator.

Lois K. Feldman, 38, of Carroll, and Ross M. Walsh, 26, of Linden, were ticketed for indecent conduct after they were reportedly caught engaging in sexual activity in a Metrodome men’s restroom handicapped stall during the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers game with the Iowa Hawkeyes. More than a dozen people in the restroom were cheering Feldman and Walsh by the time authorities arrived, a University of Minnesota Police report says.

Feldman acknowledged drinking heavily before the game and says she doesn’t remember being in the bathroom.

“I would never ever do that,” Feldman said. “My kids are my life. I go to church every Sunday.”

Information obtained in police reports and during an interview with University of Minnesota Police Chief Greg Hestness revealed no suggestion or evidence that the incident was anything but consensual on the part of both Walsh and Feldman.

But Feldman tells the Daily Times Herald she may have been drugged or otherwise victimized.

“Everybody thinks something got put in my drink,” Feldman said.

She offers no further details as to how that might have happened or who may have been involved.

“Right, and that’s what my attorney and I are working on,” Feldman said.

Contacted this morning and asked if Feldman was planning to file a complaint or seek a reopening of the investigation in Minneapolis, Jeff Minnich of Carroll, Feldman’s attorney, said he had no comment.

The Daily Times Herald sought to contact Walsh, but there is no phone listing with the address he gave police. An Avalon Security officer, Craig Andrashko, who was listed in the police report as the first witness to the incident, did not return a phone call.

But in the police report, Andrashko described what he observed as “sexual intercourse.”

Hestness said the case is closed by citation.

When asked to respond to Feldman’s suggestion that she is a victim of a crime, Hestness said: “All I can say is the actions went on for some period of time with many witnesses on hand and no one reported either party was objecting.”

Hestness said Feldman made no allegations to the officers at the scene about the incident being non-consensual.

“If the implication is lack of consent due to intoxication, I guess that could be true for either party, however, they declined the officer’s request to submit to an (alcohol test) so the extent of intoxication cannot be demonstrated,” Hestness said.

Hestness largely talked about the incident in the context of the binge-drinking atmosphere at many college football venues.

“We will be attending our annual Big 10 chiefs conference next month (in Iowa),” Hestness said. “I suspect this case and the flood of last summer will be big topics.”

The University of Minnesota has been without an on- campus stadium since 1980 when Memorial Stadium closed and the Gophers began sharing the Metrodome. The team will move into TCF Bank Stadium next fall with the opening game against Air Force.

“The absence of public alcohol sales at our stadium per Big 10 standards will be a welcome change,” Hestness said.

22 Responses to “UPDATE : Lois Feldman Metrodome sex incident says she was victim with new picture”

  1. The incident report states a security officer was informed of loud cheering coming from the mensroom. He goes into investigate and sees the 4 legs in the handicapped
    stall with pants down to their ankles. He proceeded to peek through the crack between the door and the frame and saw her “the perpetrator” bent over and getting it from behind very rapidly from the victim. The security guard states he yells at them to stop but they keep at it. The security guard radios for help. by the time more security officers get there there was a crowd of at least 15 yelling and cheering. When security officers opened the door the 2 were deep kissing with his hands “the victim” up her “the perpetrators” shirt and both pants unzipped by their respective waists.

    IF the chick gave her name to the security officers and states she doesnt remember what just happened then she admits she was at the game with her husband “the enabler”, how would she not rememeber she was married? she had a ring on her finger while she was holding herself up against the wall and taking it up the a**. She “the perpetrator” even refuses a brathalizer. NO MATTER HOW DRUNK YOU ARE if a woman is conscious enough to stand and FOOK for a half hour bent over in a bathroom stall then give the cops her full name. YOU KNOW damn well what the hell you are doing. Now shes saying she was drugged and doesnt remember a thing. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. its the FOOK ME DRUG you forget what happened for the last 30 mins only if intercouse is performed. Maybe she can use the “wide stance” excuse that Senator larry craig used.

    Frank Sinatra said it best “thats why the lady is a tramp”

  2. Well Said. Well Said.

    The lady is a tramp. I actually hesitate to even use the word “lady” in the first place.

  3. They had to know each other. They live less than 60 miles from each other in west/central Iowa.

    These two have been cheating on their significant others for a long time, and thought it would be hot to meet up at the game while their spouses were waiting on them.

  4. Ross Is Ugly Says:

    The stupid skank is still answering her phone…tell me she is not “eating” this up!

  5. Charlene GT Says:

    No doubt! Nuttin wrong wid a little public throw down, but that dude is straight up hideous! I would rather make love to a Coke bottle than that ghoulish looking dud.

  6. i suppose she didn’t notice that big polish sausage in her mouth .


  8. alice cunningham Says:

    i guess none of you judgemental people has ever been really really drunk before………well ive been bartending twenty years and when people black out, they dont know what theyre doing……….ive seen some of the most moral people do shit they wouldnt do in a million years, for a million dollars………that woman was in a black out zone, otherwise there is no way shes going to ruin her life, her husbands life and her kids life, for a piece of ass……….youre all just too naive to realize this

  9. little boots Says:

    I’m wondering…..if the security guards didn’t see them and the police didn’t stop them, what would have happened next? ….By the time Walsh was finnished with her and walked away, and maybe said “who’s next?” I wonder if she would have entertained the other 15 spectators in the washroom, especially if no one was there to stop them????? ….I wonder if that thought ever crossed her husbands mind later that night?

  10. Smart Alice………and little boots…….please get new keyboards……your period keys are broken…………

  11. This chick is a tart, pure and simple. She is now resorting to anything to deflect responsibility for her hooker-esque behavior. She gets a lawyer…now that’s good. Well it worked for OJ…uhh at the murder trial anyway.
    Her hubby is about as whipped as it gets. he needs to be slapped back to reality. His drunken tart wife just got the scheiss screwed out of her in a bathroom stall at a football stadium and he blames himself…that is awesome.
    She must REALLY take care of bidnith in the ol’ bedroom for any balless man to put up with that. She is really a piece of work.
    Oh…does anyone have her phone number? I’m going to a ball game next week and could really appreciate working off some stress

  12. Ashley Waters Says:

    I was initially drawn to the “Metrodome” incident, after hearing Jay Lenno refer to it Wednesday evening. Having an ex wife physical therapist with Minnesota’s Fairview System with similar “alley cat” behavior, I was naturally curious about the names of the persons involved. At least, this time, the ex was not involved.

    I absolutely DO NOT “buy” the “too drunk to know what I was doing”… and “I go to church every Sunday”… and “This has ruined my life”. NONE of these has much to do with anyone who respects their spouse, children or any sense of “family values”. Having spent much of my youth in the Navy, I lost my respect for individuals who blame their drunken state for what they did. If you get “too drunk to remember”, you never had the morals in the first place. There is no substitute for one’s self respect… and people which value their self esteem, simply do not have sex with strangers, drunk or otherwise…

    If she lost her job… she deserves it. If she loses her husband (and children)… she deserves it.

    Now in the latter stages of life, I’ve seen a lot of friends and co-workers destroy their lives… several of which terminated their personal strife with suicide.

    As time passes ever faster, I sometimes give thought as to “WHY” alcohol casts such importance as a “social” tool. This is just one more example… and I suspect, these individuals will simply just keep drinking, given the all too familiar “loss of control” excuse and evidence here…

  13. Hey, she has to be responsible for her own actions, no question about that.
    I know that she was miserible in her marriage, she was so unhappy and I think along with close friends she mentaly broke down, got smashed and did something she will regret for ever.
    This is not like this women at all. She has stayed in a marriage way to long that never was meant to be. My closest friend told me she has called crying because her husband stripped naked, jumped in a jaquzzi with other women and wanted her to join in, she refused, went home crying and called her best friend. She wanted so badly out of her marriage. She stayed only becasue of her children. She messed up, and should be held accountable, she also should get divorced and get the help that her and her kids will need.

  14. Hey Concerned…she boinked a guy in a filthy restroom at a football game with some 15 or so people hootin’ hollerin’ and applauding. I also heard that a person that knew her in school said upon hearing who it was in the stall that they were not at all surprised.
    Why would her husband feel free to get naked at a party and think ol’ Lois would be down with it? They’re both freaks, but Lois wins the prize.
    “I want a divorce and I’m unhappy…boohoo….I know ,I think I’ll go down on a guy in a filthy bathrrom stall and then let him plow me from behind with an audience…yea that’s the ticket, that’s what I’ll do!”
    Please…throw her to the wolves

  15. Schoolboy Says:

    Native SOcAL.. You are right they are both freaks but it seems that she wants the attention and also to validate he feelings of being in a bad marriage so this little stunt makes her the victim and the husband the bad man. This was all planned. They were drinking at home with friends and were to drunk to go anywhere but she insisted on going to the game. A little to planned for just a coincidence. She wanted to feel young again and having her young boyfriend bamg her in the stall makes her feel young again. What ever happened to the sanctity of marriage. Society has confused and misled us and tell us that its ok to go f**k someone else and get the rocks off any where. Just a thought.

  16. Dudley Digs It!!! Says:

    When I first heard the story and that the her husband blamed himself, I was sure that this was a payback for him cheating on her. The more I hear, the more it reinforces my initial theory.

    I get the fact that her playing the victim only makes her look worse, but why is the homely guy (Ross?) getting off so easy? Is it because most of us guys wish it would have been us – well without the getting caught part? After all he even gives ugly guys hope that they could some nice cougar ass.

    By the way, I am trying to lobby to have Iowa added to my territory so does anyone know her phone number and her favorite wine?

  17. Son of Bill Brasky Says:

    what an awesome story.. I love how this chick gets vilified for it too. I bet the guy got high fives!

    she’s a pig. But she doesn’t look too bad in that first picture.

  18. Facinated Says:

    Looks like this story is going to die. I was hoping there would be more investigative reporting done though. I have seen tidbits here and there in chats and forums but that is all rumor and hearsay. I have a hard time believing that someone could actively participate, with a crowd watching and cheering and yet not remember a thing.

    And I doubt her husband is just going to let this blow over. Right now, he is just dealing with the initial shock and humiliation of being Lois’s husband. His ego is probably so bruised, that he doesn’t know how to react. Once his confidence picks back up again, he will fight back.

  19. Frances Ray Says:

    I think Lois got what she deserved. She’s dealing with a demanding-ass husband and kids tugging on her legs for sippy cups. What woman, wife, mother, wouldn’t love to get shitfaced and f—ed from behind just to let off a little steam. The only mistake she made was she didn’t invite her hubby to watch and she was drinking wine instead of Wild Turkey. I’m a stay-at-home MILF and what I wouldn’t give for some greasy nookie in the men’s public handicap stall. She’s livin large and she’s in charge. Go Lois, Go!

  20. Frances Ray… I would love to have some greasy nookie in the public would be a great to blow off some steam but also to live out a fantasy. It sounds like you WOULD be an inviteful woman to enjoy some nookie with. Ever since I have heard of this I have been fantasizing about trying this eventful desire. Are you ready to meet?….lol

  21. Frances Ray… Why stop at one guy? If one will blow off a little steam, 10 or 20 at once should be able ease all your nerves.

  22. hire a hummer…

    […]UPDATE : Lois Feldman Metrodome sex incident says she was victim with new picture « fly2lv’s Blog[…]…

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