Update More Photos Michael Phelps “I am in Love with a Stripper” Caroline “Caz” Pal

There’s Nothing Like Taking A Stripper Bartender Home For Thanksgiving To Meet Mom. Just Ask Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps has been motoring through women at a tremendous pace since he won 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. First it was Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice, then it was a Miss California runner-up, followed by a host of other random women.

Now, it seems that Phelps has moved on once again, and this time he’s with a girl named Caroline “Caz” Pal who works at the Moon nightclub at the Palms Casino in Vegas. That club may sound somewhat familiar because Sarah Larson, George Clooney’s old girlfriend, also worked there.

But the point here is that Phelps reportedly took Pal home to meet his mom for Thanksgiving, this is after only having dated her (and PDAing her in Vegas) for two months. Kinda fast, huh? Yes, very. Although that’s not the problem. The problem is does his mother have any clue who this girl is? Because Pal has had a habit of

posing topless or doing other slightly risqué things in photos over the years. Uh oh.
Here are just a few.










I’m sure Mama Phelps is proud.

By the way, how long does everyone give this relationship? Knowing Phelps, I bet she doesn’t even make it to Christmas.

Also, feel free to add your own breaststroke joke where you see fit.

Who Michael Phelps took home to Mama [
Norm: Phelps galpal gets exposure on Web [Las Vegas Journal Review]





6 Responses to “Update More Photos Michael Phelps “I am in Love with a Stripper” Caroline “Caz” Pal”

  1. jeff eckel Says:

    I’d date her if I was Micheal..why not..she looks like a sweet girl, and seems too have lots of “girlfriends”

  2. Goldhoarder Says:

    hahaha…actually she is pretty hot. I’d definetly “date her”. I sure as hell wouldn’t bring her home to mom though.

  3. Wah… She looks like a Filipina… noooooooooo…

  4. The guy is learning to ride his 15 minutes guys !! Lte him have some fun

  5. You could check out more details about their first date at http://www.carolinepal.info

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