Barack Obama to buy rare £20,000 gold ring for his wife to say ‘thanks for your support’

By Mail Foreign Service


Michelle Obama is to receive this £20,000 thank you from her husband for her support during the election.

The Harmony ring is made of rhodium – the world’s most expensive metal –and encrusted with diamonds. It is being hastily made by Italian designer Giovanni Bosco in time for January’s inauguration ceremony.

Only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year, mostly in South Africa, and as a result its price is typically around £5,000 an ounce.

Enlarge   Ring

Diamond encrusted thanks: Barack Obama will buy his wife this £20,000 ring made of black gold or rhodium

The stunning thank you ring is made by top Italian designer Giovanni Bosco, who are based at Valenza Po near Alessandria and who counts a select list of VIPS’s and celebrities as his clients.

Rhodium is one of the world’s most precious metals and as a result only about 25 tons are mined each year and as a result it’s price is higher than gold – typically being around £5000 an ounce.


 It is a very select precious metal and because of its value and association with wealth, rhodium was chosen as the material for the disc presented to Beatle Paul McCartney for being history’s all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist.


Love: Barack Obama kisses Michelle on election night

Several luxury items such as the world’s ‘Most Expensive Pen’ or ‘Most Expensive Board Game’ also contain rhodium while the Crown Jewels worn by the Queen are also rhodium plated.

A spokesman at Giovanni Bosco said: ‘Our American distributor has contacted us and has asked us to provide details on the Harmony ring.

‘It is our top of the range piece and made from rhodium and encrusted with diamonds.

‘Our agent in the United States was asked by Mr Barack Obama about the ring because he wants it as a thank you gift for his wife Michelle for her support the last two years.

‘We have a select number of clients both in the United States, Europe, Russia and the Middle East and our prices as a result reflect the wealth of our customers.

‘For obvious privacy reasons I cannot reveal the cost of the ring but bearing in mind it is made from rhodium or black gold and encrusted with diamonds you can be sure it will cost thousands of pounds.’

2 Responses to “DIAMONDS FOR MICHELLE Obama: $30,000 FIRST LADY RING”

  1. Of Course Says:

    I understand that the socialists who run this site hate wealth and capital. That’s what Marxists and Socialists have done since they emerged. But really, is this the best place for you Stalinists to place your communist class war?

    The communications for Obama’s transition, Dan Pfeiffer, flatly denied a Daily Mail report that Obama is buying an exotic $30,000 ring to thank his wife “for her support during the election.”

    The report is sourced to an anonymous spokesman for the manufacturer of the rhodium ring, who is quoted claiming, “Our agent in the United States was asked by Mr. Barack Obama about the ring because he wants it as a thank-you gift for his wife Michelle for her support the last two years.”

    The spokesman is not named in the story, and there seems to be no other evidence for the claim.

    The report is “not true,” said Pfeiffer in an email. He didn’t elaborate.

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