Update: New Pic and Police report on Teens Charged In Nursing Home Abuse




Teens Charged In Nursing Home Abuse
Cops: Female caregivers spat on, spanked, humiliated infirm elderly
DECEMBER 2–A group of teenagers working at a Minnesota nursing home abused and sexually humiliated elderly residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, prosecutors allege. The six young female caregivers were named yesterday in criminal complaints charging them with a variety of cruel behavior at the Good Samaritan Society nursing home in Albert Lea, a city in southern Minnesota. Only two of those charged–Brianna Broitzman, 19, and Ashton Larson, 18–are named in the complaints since they were not minors when the alleged abuse occurred. According to District Court complaints filed against Broitzman (pictured above left) and Larson (above right), nursing home residents were spat upon, spanked, improperly touched, and tormented by the teenagers earlier this year. Excerpts of the misdemeanor complaints can be found below. Broitzman allegedly poked one resident’s breasts, spit into the mouth of another elderly person, and “put her bare butt” in the face of a Good Samaritan Society resident identified as “S.W.” Larson once “inserted her finger into a resident’s rectum,” spit water on another “vulnerable adult,” and would deliberately bathe a resident in a rough manner so the elderly man would get an erection. The minor caregivers are identified in the complaints by their initials and dates of birth.


Broitzman, charged with 11 criminal counts, and Larson, charged with 10 counts, face a year in jail or up to a year in jail on each of the raps. (8 pages)

14 Responses to “Update: New Pic and Police report on Teens Charged In Nursing Home Abuse”

  1. These two little bitches need their asses kicked and if they did this to one of my relatives they’d be six feet under. Phoney smiling little sociopathic bitches have no remorse and think it’s funny. I’d love ten minutes alone with these two and I hopw they get thgeir asses kicked in jail. They deserve it. How sick!!

  2. How sick and dimented that these girls would do this at all! Then chances are they will get a suspended sentence? WTF is that? People go to jail for animal abuse fastwer than for child or elderly abuse. Something is worng with this picture!

    Send these little stuck up bitches to jail where they can receive the same treatment as they believe other people deserve! If they get off so easily, it’s as good as saying, it was no big deal….don’t worry about it. Then who will be thier next victim? Your child? Your mother, father, sister brother or what of it’s YOU!

  3. these bitches need there as kicked, if society doesnt them at least 5 years in prision, then they are just as wrong for not knowing punishment. i would sew the nurs ing home the girls involved.

  4. Bad Girl Spanker Says:

    Strip those bitches naked and get them over me knee. I know how to deal with them.

  5. What these two vermin and their unnamed cohorts did is appalling. That the county attorney, Craig Nelson, of Albert Lea, MN, has publicly declared that he doubt’s they’ll do any jail time is equally appalling. He’s as good as guaranteed them a free ride. They’ll get a fine and a warning, much like they would if they’d been caught driving after curfew, or whathaveyou.

    And these are the same small town types who can’t stop complaining how gay marriage is going to destroy American society. Right. Because sexually assaulting and traumatizing elderly nursing home patients is completely moral and is an example of the kind of middle-American values we want to promote here in the good ol’ USA.

  6. saw on the news they even took nude pics of those patients they abused. i hope someone has nude pics of them and uploads them all over the web. let every guy they ever date from now on know ahead of time what he’d be getting into . . . literally.

  7. Whats so funny is their parents are defending them. People, I’m telling you want read about the minds of these two socipathic manipualtive little sould posing as cute little small town midwestern girls. READ “The socipoath next door” by Martha Stout PHD. You’ll die and it may spook you.

    Sociopaths can be made but they can also be born into any walk of life and in the spirit world are called dark souls. I truly believe these two are evil and can do anything and feel nothing!!! Ted Bunday was aHarvard law school grad with honors so sociopaths can have pretty warppings. The fact that these two said “They loved causing pain for fun” and took pictures and videos is ALL you need to knoe they are capable of doing anything and feeling no remorse!!! These two need to be watched for the rest of their lives and in my opinion there is no reforming somone born into this life with no conscience. Please read that book. You’ll be amazed!!

  8. In this book it describes a verse in a song that explains most socipaths……” I saw a warewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vics,his hair was perfect” In this case “I saw a warewolf posing as a small town all American girlin the heartland,her blonde hair was perfect” Be careful peeps!!!

  9. hey ashton is amber we know each other 🙂
    hows life?

  10. I thought the whole was pretty sexy! I’d love to be 70 and have these hot chicks fondle my junk and spit in my face!!

  11. “I’d love to be 70 and have these hot chicks fondle my junk and spit in my face!”


  12. The whole thing is messed up but if it were me they were doing stuff to i wouldnt mind.however the whole situation was wrong some of you are just losers with nothing better to do that complain about what someone else has done so drop it and let the law handle it those of you that talk about kicking there ass prolly cant punch your way out of a paperbag get a life!

  13. Follow the link below for more detail about Brianna Marie Broitzman


  14. Gretchen, Champ and Bryway…you are just as sick as Brianna and Ashton and the rest of “the girls.” Wow…do you even get it?
    What these girls did is extremely inhumane. It is beyond me why someone would do those things to another human being. And then to sit and make jokes about it is NOT COOL! I’m sure you wouldn’t feel the same way if it was a family member of yours. All I can say is MENTAL ILLNESS!!! Seriously…are you really that bored that you need to sexually humiliate vulnerable people and laugh about it?
    I hope the consquences of their actions follow them for the rest of their lives. Someday maybe they’ll understand the consquences…maybe when they have to tell they’re kids they sexually and emotionally abused vulnerable people when they were younger. You can’t hide from your past. I don’t think I have ever been as grossed out about something in my life as what these girls did. It’s pure cruelty.

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