Manny Pacquiao TKOs Oscar De La Hoya With Photos


In the biggest boxing match of the year, Manny Pacquiao defeated Oscar De La Hoya in a dominant, star-making performance tonight in Las Vegas. Pacquiao bashed De La Hoya through eight brutal rounds of boxing, and De La Hoya couldn’t answer the bell for the ninth.

Pacquiao, generally recognized as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, came into the fight as an underdog to De La Hoya, mostly because the fight was contested at 147 pounds, a weight De La Hoya has fought at many times but Pacquiao had never previously approached.

Pacquiao entered the ring with a record of 47-3-2, with 35 knockouts. De La Hoya entered the ring with a record of 39-5, with 30 knockouts. 




265 Photos From Fight


De La Hoya vs. Pacqiuao live blog: Refresh this page often for minute-by-minute updates..

 Pacquiao is making his way to the ring. Pacquiao is in the ring.
De La Hoya is making his way to the ring. De La Hoya is in the ring.

 Michael Buffer has said the magic words: “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Round 1: This fight is underway. Chants of “Manny!” at the start. De La Hoya misses with a big uppercut. Seeing them in the ring, Oscar looks significantly taller than Manny, but Manny has real muscle on him. Manny lands a big shot to Oscar’s head! Manny is clearly quicker than Oscar. Nice combination from Oscar. Manny is on the attack and is moving more quickly. And Oscar gets Manny against the ropes! A couple of big shots from Oscar, but then Manny moves. A very entertaining first round, and I give it to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 2: Oscar backs Manny against the ropes, but then Manny lands a good left. Oscar isn’t moving around nearly as well as Manny is, although Oscar is using his reach to his advantage when he can. Oscar is trying to back Manny against the ropes, while Manny is trying to keep the fight in the center of the ring. Oscar has a welt on the side of his eye. Manny lands a body shot and then moves away before Oscar can answer it. Big uppercut from Manny. Nice straight left hand from Manny. Manny has landed more punches in the second round and shown better command of the ring. I give the second round to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 3: Oscar is trying hard to back Manny against the ropes but so far he can’t keep him there. Oscar tries to land a very hard right hand but can’t connect. Oscar finally backs Manny up and lands a good left hook, but again, Manny moves away and lands a solid punch in the middle of the ring. Oscar landed a shot to the belt line, and he’s showing some power, but Manny is just so much quicker that Oscar doesn’t have much of an answer. I give the third round to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 4: Between rounds, Freddie Roach told Pacquiao, “He’s very slow.” No doubt about that. Big left hands from Manny to Oscar’s head hurt Oscar, although Oscar also landed a good straight right. Manny is coming in with his left hands, and they’re trading, with Manny getting the better of the exchange. Now Manny comes in with a right hook. Oscar backs Manny off with his best series of jabs so far in the fight. A big body shot and then a hard straight punch to the head for Manny. Manny is landing punches at will and moving away before Oscar can respond. I give the fourth to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 5: Oscar lands a good right at the start of the round. Manny lands a good left and a good right, and then Oscar responds with an even better left and right. Manny is just abusing Oscar because he’s so much faster with both his hands and his feet. It’s a sensational showing for Manny, just peppering Oscar with punches all over the place. Good shot to the body by Oscar and then some left hooks to the head, and Oscar finally gets some offense going. It took him a long time, but Oscar finally showed how to do some damage to Manny. I still give the round to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 6: Manny looks a little bit winded, but Oscar looks broken down. HBO’s Harold Lederman has given all five rounds to Pacquiao, has have I. Oscar is backing off and hoping to catch Manny making a mistake. Manny landed a punch that I thought was low, but the ref didn’t say anything about it. They’re mixing it up and Oscar is looking angry and frustrated with Manny’s superior hand speed. Manny lands another straight left, which Oscar isn’t able to block, even though he is keeping his hands up. A good 1-2-3 from Manny late in the round, and I give the sixth to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 7: Freddie Roach told Manny between rounds to keep the fight in the middle of the ring. Oscar threw a lumbering right hand that Manny was able to avoid. Manny is continuing to land effective punches and then back away before Oscar can do anything about it. Manny has Oscar trapped in the corner and is just toying with him. Manny is just destroying Oscar here. Oscar isn’t even trying to do anything other than cover himself up. This round goes to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 8: Oscar’s corner is telling him they might have to throw in the towel if he doesn’t start throwing punches. Oscar swings and misses and Manny bashes him against the ropes. I don’t know if Oscar can take much more of this. Manny continues to just pummel Oscar against the ropes, and Oscar can’t do a thing about it. Give Oscar credit for staying up, but he just can’t do anything against Manny. Oscar gets some offense going and alands a few punches, but Manny doesn’t look hurt by them at all, and he comes right back and bashes Oscar in the corner. I give the round to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 9: Oscar can’t answer the bell for the ninth round! It’s over. Manny Pacquiao defeats Oscar De La Hoya by TKO after eight rounds.



Pacquiao-De La Hoya Dream Match undercard results

Roberto Marroquin beat Isaac Hidalgo by first-round knockout
Adrien Broner beat Scott Furney by first-round TKO

Jose Angel Beranza beat Jesus Manuel Rojas by unanimous decision
Danny Oscar Garcia beat Alfredo Lugo by unanimous decision
Daniel Jacobs beat Victor Lares by second-round knockout
Juan Manuel Lopez beat Sergio Medina by first-round knockout
Victor Ortiz beat Jeffrey Resto by second-round TKO



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