Motorcycle daredevils make battling New Years Eve jumps in LAS VEGAS

Motorcycle daredevils make battling New Years Eve jumps
December 31st, 2008

There are many ways to paint the motorcycle-themed New Years Eve celebrations; a battle of countries, newcomer versus family business, a ratings contest between television networks or even a fight of the Robbie’s.

Two motorcycle daredevils are scheduled to make death-defying jumps in Las Vegas tonight, one to appear on on ESPN and the other on FOX.

A year after breaking the Guinness World Record with a jump of 322 feet, 7 1/2 inches, Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison (pictured right) will jump as part of the Red Bull: New Year. No Limits on ESPN. He plans to jump his bike more than 120 feet high and land on top of the 96-foot high replica of the Arc de Triomphe in front of Paris Las Vegas. He’ll then drop off the Arc and free fall 50 feet to a massive landing ramp.

Robbie Knievel will have his own set of television cameras watching the attempt to make a 200-foot jump over the recently renovated erupting Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas. The attempt comes exactly 41 years after Knievel’s father, Evel Knievel, broke most of the bones in his body with a jump at Caesars Palace that went bad.

Robbie, 46, is one of four Knievel siblings who began jumping his bicycle at age 4 and moved to riding motorcycles at age 7. Maddison, 27, is making his own daredevil heritage and faces extreme numbers in tonight’s jump while Knievel is challenged by flames from a Vegas Landmark and his fathers history.

Upset about the two jumps being staged on the same night, the Australian daredevil told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “He is a disrespectful drunken bum, a no talent who is making a joke of a jump,” speaking of Robbie Knievel.

Robbie Maddison can be seen on ESPN and Robbie Knievel will make his jump on FOX.



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