Record numbers of strippers seen showing up in Las Vegas



The worst economic crisis in decades has record numbers of strippers showing up in Las Vegas.

“We’ve had as many as 400 working at one time,” said Shai Cohen, director of marketing for Sapphire, which is billed as the world’s largest gentlemen’s club.

An even larger turnout is likely next month when 140,000 convention attendees show up for the annual porn trade show and the Consumer Electronic Show.

“We have seen a lot of new faces,” said Cohen. Before the economy started diving last summer, 250 to 300 girls would arrive at the 70,000-square-foot club.

“Girls who were in our system from long time ago are returning,” he said. The majority of newcomers are driving in from Southern California, he said, with two and three sharing a motel room to cut expenses.

Tipping is down, he added, and more patrons are using credit cards instead of cash.

Cohen has heard scuttlebutt that a number of local strip clubs are struggling, but Sapphire’s business has remained robust, he said.

“We have 10 sky boxes that go for $500 an hour and they’re being used. We hear people talking about the economy all day, but we haven’t noticed a big difference.

“Las Vegas has been an escape that’s been around forever. People need to be entertained.”


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