Elaine & Steve Wynn statement raises questions

Elaine Wynn’s carefully worded statement the other day about her marriage left many Wynn watchers hanging on two key words straight out of “Avenue Q,” the Broadway show that Steve Wynn brought to Las Vegas.
At issue was whether her husband, who has been acknowledging to his inner circle that he is in love with a British woman, would move her to Las Vegas.
An Elaine Wynn intermediary called me Friday night and made it clear Elaine Wynn wanted her comments published immediately.
“There are no plans for him to have a relationship while Mrs. Wynn is in Las Vegas.”
“For now, she has no plans to leave,” the rep said.
The two words that raised eyebrows: “For now.”
Has she considered leaving? I don’t pretend to have that information, and she won’t be taking my calls since she also made it clear we wouldn’t be chatting “going forward,” in the words of her rep.
But there’s buzz among management that something’s in the wind, and not just the D-word.
It has something to do with the Beverly Hills Hotel, a source told me.
News of the split hit like an earthquake.
“Some executives are saying, ‘If she’s leaving, I’m leaving,” the source added.



Wynn Las Vegas villa being refit

There are rumblings that a villa being renovated at Wynn Las Vegas is the future home of Steve Wynn and his British girlfriend.


“It’s being redesigned for them,” my source said Thursday.

The bombshell romance made headlines this week when the New York Post’s Page Six column reported Wynn, the founder, chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, has been involved with the woman for five months.

“They met at St. Tropez,” said the source. She’s a divorcee in her late 40s with children, according to several reports.

Neither Wynn nor wife Elaine has confirmed or denied the separation.

Company officials are declining comment, saying the Wynns’ personal lives are off-limits.

Further complicating the sensitive nature of the split, Elaine Wynn’s nephew, Andrew Pascal, is president of Wynn Las Vegas and the new Encore.

Steve Wynn and his girlfriend were reportedly in St. Moritz, Switzerland, celebrating his 67th birthday, which was Tuesday.

He has been spending time on the French Riviera since his purchase last summer of a 183-foot yacht that was moored at Nice, France.

The yacht, named the Allegro, ranks among the top 50 largest owned by an American.

There are rumblings that a villa being renovated at Wynn Las Vegas is the future home of Steve Wynn and his British girlfriend.

Wynn marriage appears cloudy

Representatives for Steve and Elaine Wynn are saying little about a published report claiming the power couple split several months ago.

Citing anonymous sources, the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column Wednesday reported the hotel developer is romantically involved with a British woman in her late 40s.

Media queries were directed to a Wynn Las Vegas Web site. “We don’t comment on the Wynns’ personal lives,” a rep responded.

The rumors went public after surfacing over the weekend. Vegas Confidential reported on Monday that word was circulating at the opening gala of his Encore hotel — and his birthday party — on Saturday that Wynn was spending his 67th birthday in St. Moritz, Switzerland’s exclusive ski haven.

Sources say there were recent signs that something was amiss. Elaine and one of the couple’s daughters were seen crying, and there was buzz among staffers that Steve had moved out of their Wynn Las Vegas suite.

They have been building a home at Southern Highlands Golf Club.

The Wynns were married in 1963 and divorced, but never separated, in 1986, when he risked everything by building The Mirage with help from junk-bond trader Michael Milken.

They remarried five years later at the Waldorf-Astoria, site of their first wedding.

Elaine, Miss Miami Beach 1960, was no shrinking violet while Wynn was credited with re-inventing Las Vegas. As director of Wynn Resorts since 2002, she has been extensively involved.

In a 2006 interview with The New York Times, Steve Wynn said he often worked long hours at the Frontier, near their golf-course home at the Desert Inn, now Wynn Las Vegas.

One morning when he arrived home at dawn, he said, “She’s looking at me. She says, ‘Careful now, don’t get confused.’ Elaine is not the kind of woman who would passively tolerate disrespect.”

Elaine Wynn says ‘rumblings’ wrong

Elaine Wynn, addressing for the first time published accounts of a split with her husband, Wynn Resorts chairman and CEO Steve Wynn, denounced a report that appeared here Friday that referred to “rumblings” that he was planning to move his alleged girlfriend into one of his resorts.

In a statement relayed by a company rep, Elaine Wynn characterized that information as “completely inaccurate.”

She continued, “There is no intention of anyone else residing in Las Vegas.

“There will only be one person that will occupy the villa and that will be Mr. Wynn.

“There are no plans for him to have a relationship while Mrs. Wynn is in Las Vegas.

“For now she has no plans to leave.”

The rep added, “She is a director in the company and will remain to be one in the company.”

Details of the rumored split were first reported in the New York Post’s Page Six column earlier this week.

Reporters were told the Wynns would not comment on their private lives.

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