Hot blonde Tina in jail suing

Her act was featured on the cable TV program and became a big hit on YouTube, where she is known as “Hot Blond Tina in Jail.”

From here out, though, she will be known in Clark County District Court as plaintiff Tina Vlijter.

She is suing truTV, Langley Productions Inc., and everyone else in sight, alleging that the producers took advantage by getting her to sign a release when she was too blotto to know what she was doing and edited the footage to make her booking look worse than it actually was.

The video shows Vlijter laughing, joking, flirting with jail personnel, discussing the jail menu with an employee, posing suggestively and unbuttoning her shirt for an attempted flash. Several times.

Vlijter alleges that truTV and Turner Broadcasting Co. defamed her, portrayed her in a false light, held her up to public ridicule and generally ruined her professional and personal relationships.

Court papers don’t list Vlijter’s profession, but on an online professional networking site, she described herself as “an investor advisor.”

Her attorney, Easton K. Harris, in court papers filed Nov. 19 in Clark County said the admittedly “extremely intoxicated” Vlijter does not recall being asked by the film crew to sign a waiver allowing use of her image for commercial purposes.

If she did sign, Harris argued, “she lacked the capacity to enter into an agreement due to her extreme intoxication.”

Vlijter was not even aware that she had been shown on the program until November or December of 2008, he said.

Harris asserted viewers should not believe their eyes, stating that Langley — which is also responsible for the long-running “Cops” reality TV show — “intentionally edited the footage” to promote Vlijter in a “negative light” meant to embarrass her.

The footage, according to court papers, was manipulated and “sensationalized in an effort to demean” Vlijter by making it look like she thought her arrest was “funny” and “hilarious.”

While truTV has removed the Vlijter video from the “Naughty Girls” section of its website, Harris notes it is readily available on the Internet.

The YouTube clip, in both English and Spanish, has been viewed more than 8,500 times.

And many of those viewers, Harris contended, have attempted to contact his client, leading to “an avalanche of personal ridicule, scorn, and unwanted recognition for the way she was portrayed.”

Harris in his lawsuit alleged Vlijter has been approached by “numerous strangers and individuals” on the street, at restaurants and shopping centers, resulting in harassment and an invasion of her privacy.

Even her children, Harris said, have fallen victim to ridicule.

All of this, said Harris, has had a devastating effect on Vlijter’s life, and as a result, she has suffered emotional and financial duress, and the single mom fears for her and her children’s safety.

Starting in June, Harris said, Vlijter demanded truTV remove the clip from its website, and she also demanded a copy of the waiver she allegedly signed.

Wrote Harris in court papers: “Defendants have made millions of dollars highlighting and sensationalizing the misery and misfortune of a number of good hardworking Americans.”

He alleged the producers actions were malicious, outrageous and done with reckless disregard for the plaintiff, for which she should receive at least $30,000 in compensation plus unspecified punitive damages determined by a jury.

The lawsuit is similar to several that have been filed against Joe Francis, the producer of the “Girls Gone Wild” videos that purport to show women exposing themselves and engaging in sexual activity while celebrating Spring Break or at other alcohol-charged events.

While consent is usually an element of the lawsuits, laws regarding what constitutes valid consent vary from state to state.

Some juries have ruled in favor of the women; others for Francis. None of those cases was filed in Nevada.

Neither Vlijter nor any of the parties she is suing could be reached for comment Friday.

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  1. Man she is hot! Great post btw!

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